Fall 2014- Projected start year

As you know over the past seven months, the administration has been working very hard with our partners to open a new charter school in 2013. Unfortunately, hard work and planning does not always make it possible to achieve your goal. The delays we have experienced have pushed the time table to a point that no longer works for a 2013 opening. The time needed to complete the lease agreement, complete tenant improvement drawings, obtain city approval of the design and complete the construction is not sufficient. Therefore, I will be recommending to our Board of Directors on April 22nd ,   that we delay the opening until 2014.


We are disappointed, but continue to be excited about the possibilities for our families and the organization. We have a sponsor and are going to approve the Memorandum of Understanding at our next board meeting.he Newcastle School District is committed to supporting us in this endeavor.


More time allows us the opportunity to develop our plans to the fullest. I appreciate the support we have received from our school leaders, teachers, board and families. We will be successful.


Thank you,


Phil Spears

Executive Director/Superintendent
Rocklin Academy/Western Sierra Collegiate Academy


Negotiations still underway

The facility lease agreement for the new school is still under negotiation.  Until we have a signed lease agreement,  applications are not available.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Progress underway…application process delayed

Details of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Newcastle Elementary School District are underway and nearing completion. In addition to the Lonetree site, a new facility option is currently under consideration. The site is located at 333 Sunrise Boulevard in Roseville.  We are hopeful that the MOU and a final lease agreement will be in place by Monday, April 15, 2013 so that we may begin our registration process.

We are doing everything within our power to avoid delays that could affect our ability to open the new school this coming Fall. We apologize for the continued delays; however, we need to be certain that our final agreement does not in any way negatively impact our revenues.  We will continue to keep you advised of our progress and timing of the registration process.

For the most current updates and information, please continue to follow the blog.