New School Update! Know Your Organization: Volume Four

February 8, 2013

When will we know if the new school will open?

We are working diligently to open the new school for Fall of 2013. There are several pieces that need to fall into place, including:

1.   Locating a sponsoring school district. The charter will be submitted to the Newcastle Elementary School District on Friday, February 8, 2013. The charter petition is scheduled for a public hearing on February 13, with an anticipated approval on February 26.

2.  Finding a suitable facility for the new school.  At the February 7, 2013

Board of Directors meeting Superintendent Spears announced that 6550-6552 Lonetree Blvd., Rocklin is the facility under consideration. Negotiations will continue over the next few weeks in hopes of reaching a final agreement.  This building will require tenant improvements to transform it into a state of the art school facility.


If it is determined that Rocklin Academy at Lonetree will open in 2013, when will registration begin?

Once we have charter approval, it is our plan to open up the application period beginning 8 a.m. on March 15, 2013, and ending at 4 p.m. on April 5,2013. If unforeseen delays occur, then the application period will be adjusted.


Will currently-enrolled Rocklin Academy students have preference at the new school?

No, currently-enrolled Rocklin Academy families will need to apply to Rocklin Academy at Lonetree, and will be treated as new applicants with no enrollment preference.


Will applicants on the current Rocklin Academy Turnstone and Rocklin Academy Meyers waiting lists get preference at the new school?

No, applicants on the Rocklin Academy Turnstone and Meyers campus waiting lists do not have a preference at the new school. Anyone interested in Rocklin Academy at Lonetree must submit an application. The waiting list for Rocklin Academy at Lonetree will be separate from the two existing elementary campus waiting lists.  Since this is a new charter and new school, if Rocklin Academy at Lonetree receives more applications than there are spots available by the established deadline, by law, we will hold a public lottery for each grade level to rank all applicants.


If we completed an Intent to Enroll Form for the new school, do we still need to apply?

Yes, you will still need to complete an application for the new school.  The purpose of the Intent to Enroll Form was to determine if we had enough interest and to find a location which would be convenient to most. We will continue to update the blog as we progress.


What are the “proposed” enrollment preferences for Rocklin Academy at Lonetree?

We are proposing the following preferences in our charter for:


1.   Students returning from previous year (2014-15 and beyond).

2.  Siblings of currently-enrolled students.

3.  Continuing elementary campus students in any Rocklin Academy

Family of Schools (RAFOS) entering 7th grade (2014-15 and beyond).

4.  Dependents of full-time employees at RAFOS.

5.  Residents of the sponsoring school district (Newcastle Elementary

School District).

6.  Dependents of Rocklin Academy Board members.

7.  Recently relocated U.S. military families.


Of course, if we receive a start-up grant for Rocklin Academy at Lonetree, then modifications will be made to the above enrollment preferences, as required by the Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP).


What will the educational program look like?         

Rocklin Academy is a Core Knowledge, public, charter school that is committed to providing the community with an educational choice that embodies high standards and the ongoing use of data to evaluate program and instructional effectiveness, resulting in high quality teaching and learning in a nurturing environment.  Working in partnership, teachers and parents inspire each child in reaching his/her full potential.


A Core Knowledge education is built upon a detailed outline of specific content to be taught in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science and the fine arts.  As the core of a school’s curriculum, it provides a solid, coherent foundation for learning; it is also flexible to meet local needs.  This allows all the curriculum expectations of the California Framework to be thoroughly covered at each grade level by Rocklin Academy’s teachers. The Core Knowledge curriculum is the result of research into the content and structure of the highest performing elementary school systems around the world.  More nformation about Core Knowledge can be found at


What is the expected enrollment for year one?

Transitional Kindergarten 1 class of 24 students                 24

Traditional Kindergarten    4 classes of 24 students             96

Grade 1                                     4 classes of 24 students             96

Grade 2                                     4 classes of 24 students             96

Grade 3                                     4 classes of 24 students           96

Grade 4                                     3 classes of 30 students           90

Grade 5                                     3 classes of 30 students           90

Grade 6                                     3 classes of 30 students           90

TOTAL ENROLLMENT:     678            


What are the parent requirements at Rocklin Academy at Lonetree?

We ask parents of students receiving an enrollment slot at the new school to attend a parent orientation meeting in the spring, fulfill 30 hours of annual volunteer service to the school each year (or 45 total hours for families with children at multiple RAFOS campuses), attend school activities such as Back to School Night, Parent/Teacher Conferences and Open House, and obtain and read the Core Knowledge Series “What Your (Grade Level) Needs to Know” by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.



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