Board Presentation: A K-8 Expansion idea is born

Did you miss the October 22nd board meeting?

Superintendent Spears presented the Rocklin Academy board with the Rocklin Academy K-8 expansion idea. The Rocklin Academy Board of Directors voted unanimously to allow administration to explore the possibility of opening a new Rocklin Academy K-8 school.

Check out the PowerPoint here: Rocklin Academy Expansion Plan


Mr. Spears invites you to attend the board meeting!

Rocklin Academy Families,

As you may know, Rocklin Academy currently has a waiting list of more than 700 children. We know anecdotally that many more interested families have not been placed on our waiting list because they feel it would be futile to do so. As parents, we can all understand the deep desire of these families for school choice and the best possible education for their children.

It is not surprising, then, to see this overwhelming interest in Rocklin Academy. Just consider some of our recent successes:

  • The highest API scores in the region,
  • Rocklin Academy Meyers named the #1 Charter School in Northern California by the USC Annual School Performance Dashboard, and
  • Rocklin Academy swept the “Best of the Best” categories for schools in the Placer Herald.

Beyond these accolades, I understand that our success is built upon the Core Knowledge curriculum, our use of Professional Learning Communities, innovative teaching methods and the strong commitment of our parents. In my short time with the organization, I have been extremely impressed by the talents and dedication of our teachers and staff.  Of course, I can’t forget the students that come to school every day ready to learn.

A variety of factors, ranging from the small class sizes mandated in the charter, to the classroom facilities that are available at our school sites, have required our elementary student enrollment to remain flat over the years. While these and other issues remain, I would like to initiate a dialogue within the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools over possible waysto serve more students in this community.

As a starting point for this discussion, I would like to invite interested parents to attend the Rocklin Academy Board of Directors meeting on October 22, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. During this meeting, I will present my thoughts on how Rocklin Academy could potentially serve more students, while ensuring that we preserve and enhance the unique academic experience for our current students and families.

I am excited about the opportunities we have to build on what began 11 years ago, and realize the vision for meaningful school choice for teachers, parents and students.

The board meeting will be held at the Western Sierra campus, 660 Menlo Drive, Rocklin, California.


Phil Spears

Superintendent/Executive Director